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  • Four input/output field-programmable controller to control lavatories, water closets, showers or combination fixtures
  • 24 VAC — 50/60 Hz operating voltage 
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 85°C 
  • Input (push button) voltage: 5 VDC 
  • Output (solenoid) voltage: 24 VAC 
  • PC Board conformably coated to resist moisture and dust 
  • RJ-11, 6 position, 4 pin connections for push buttons and solenoids 
  • Diagnostic LED at each input and output connection 
  • Lock-out indicator 
  • Potentiometer on PC Board allows for adjustment of run-times or lock-out times depending on program variation 
  • Can be installed up to 200 feet away from 24 VAC power supply 
  • Includes mounting hardware 
  • Optional LED Button for Water Closet I/O


  • All Closet, with adjustable lock out time up to four water closets 
  • All Shower, with adjustable default “run time” up to four showers 
  • All Lavatories, with adjustable default “run time” up to four lavatories 
  • Combination fixture controls a hot/cold water lavatory, a water closet and a shower. Adjustable default “run time” and “lock-out times”. Factory set for 1-hour lock-out time. 

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