Crown® Flushometers

Piston-powered for tough, reliable operation, even in harsh water conditions.

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Crown® flushometers feature piston operation, making them tough enough for harsh water conditions. Yet green enough to use water efficiently and effectively.


  • Valve design to accept low and ultra-low consumption pistons only to ensure water conservation
  • Flush volumes to meet water-efficiency goals
  • Unique cover design isolates threads from water source, protecting threads from harsh water conditions
  • Locking, vandal-resistant stop cap prevents tampering
  • Adjustable tailpiece accommodates different widths
  • High copper, low zinc brass casting for dezincification resistance ensures long life

Crown® Standard

The classic Crown® flushometer for urinals and water closets.

Crown® Bedpan Washer

Bedpan washer flushometers for healthcare settings.

Crown® Hydraulic

Hydraulic flushometers featuring push-button activation.

Crown® Optima

The hardwired solenoid-operated electronic sensor flushometer.


Flushometers with single and dual flush side-mounted sensors.


The battery-powered flushometer with the sensor side mounted over the handle.

Crown® SMO

The battery-powered side-mount operator sensor flushometers.