Gem-2® Flushometers

Hard-working piston technology stands up to the toughest water conditions.

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Tough. Reliable. Piston-powered. Designed to accurately meter water delivery from more than 40 years of piston-pioneering technology.


  • Flush volumes start at 1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpf for greater water savings
  • Fixed volume piston with filtered O-ring bypass and ADA-compliant, metal oscillating non-hold-open handle ensure reliable, water-efficient operation
  • Stop cap plug prevents tampering

GEM-2® Standard

The classic GEM-2® flushometer for urinals and water closets.

GEM-2® Bedpan Washer

Bedpan washer flushometers for healthcare settings.


Flushometers with single and dual flush side-mounted sensors.


The battery-powered side-mount operator sensor flushometers.