Sloan® Flushometers

Durable and built to last. Fixed metering bypass technology for consistent performance.

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Save on water with superior design, quality and a proven track record of performance from the most trusted name in flushometers.


  • Flush volumes start as low as 1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf
  • Water conservation is aided by the ADA-compliant, non-hold-open handle, which prevents toilet from exceeding intended flush volume 
  • Flush accuracy is controlled by CID™ technology, also enhancing water efficiency
  • Integrity of the product is maintained with the vandal-resistant stop cap 

Sloan® Standard

The classic Sloan® flushometer for urinals and water closets.

Sloan® Bedpan Washer

Bedpan washer flushometer for healthcare settings.

Sloan® Hydraulic

Hydraulic flushometers featuring push-button activation.

Sloan® Foot Pedal

Foot pedal flushometers for hands-free convenience.

Sloan® Optima

The hardwired solenoid-operated electronic sensor flushometer.

Sloan® Optima Plus

The battery-powered solenoid-operated electronic sensor flushometer.


Flushometers with single and dual flush side-mounted sensors.


The battery-powered flushometer with the sensor side mounted over the handle.

Sloan® SMO

The battery-powered side-mount operator sensor flushometers.