Solid Surface SloanStone® Sinks

Three new models provide options for your high-traffic restrooms.

Thoughtfully designed sinks that exceed all demands.

SloanStone® Sink Systems offer the ultimate solution for any high-traffic commercial restroom. These sinks are engineered to be vandal resistant and easily serviced and cleaned.

Features and Benefits

  • Single molded basin
  • Deck mounted or integrated faucets
  • Easily repairable and non-porous
  • Multiple design aesthetics to fit any application
  • Multiple color options

Project Types

  • Schools & Universities 
  • Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Convention Centers
  • Retail Stores 
  • Health Clubs

Meet the new Arrowhead.

Meet the ELA (Electronic Lavatory Arrowhead) sink. A unique design, the Arrowhead comes to a slight point with an open front edge for a modern aesthetic.

SloanStone Arrowhead ELA-82000 in Matrix Frost shown with Combination ESD-501 (EFX-250 Faucet and ESD-500 Soap Dispenser) in Polished Chrome.

Meet the new Waterfall.

Meet the ELWF (Electronic Lavatory Waterfall) sink. Great for mixed adult and child locations, this ADA friendly design provides one or more adult height stations paired with one child height station.

SloanStone Waterfall ELWF-82000 in Matrix Light Gray shown with EAF-250 Faucet and ESD-2000 Soap Dispenser in Brushed Stainless.

Meet the new Round Front.

Meet the ELRF (Electronic Lavatory Round Front) sink. Designed with limited corners is the perfect choice for restrooms most used by children.

SloanStone Round Front ELRF-84000 in White shown with Combination ESD-1501 (EAF-150 Faucet and ESD-1500 Soap Dispenser) in Polished Chrome.

The Full Line of SloanStone® Sinks

Bringing clean and modern appeal to the high-traffic commercial restroom. Making a lasting impression where function, style and durability are demanded.

Round Front NEW
Rounded front for locations with children.

Arrowhead NEW
Unique open front, angled edge for a modern aesthetic.

Waterfall NEW
One or more adult height stations paired with one child height station.

A strong presence with a dramatically angled basin.

Deluxe Lavatory Countertop
Sleek and clean with a gentle slope to ensure dry surfaces.

Lavatory Countertop
Elegant rounded basin countertop.

Electronic Lavatory System
ELS-70000 Series
A cohesive look with shared soap dispensers.

Electronic Lavatory System
ELS-40000 Series
A modern edgeless deck paired with an integrated enclosure.

Electronic Lavatory System
ELS-60000 Series
Soft curves provide a friendly and durable aesthetic.

Electronic Washstation
EW-40000 Series
Vandal resistant solid surface system with integrated technology.

Electronic Washstation
EW-60000 Series
Aesthetically pleasing soft contoured one-piece continuous basin.

Electronic Washstation
ELS-70000 Series
Soft contoured one-piece continuous basin with matching enclosure.

Electronic Washstation Fountain
A flexible sink system fit for corners and small spaces.

Options, options and more options.

Choose from a selection of solid and speckled colors for your SloanStone Sink System.

Color List A

Colors for Lavatory SloanStone series 40000

Ambar (AM)
Ash (AH)
Indigo (IN)
Jade (JD)
Jet (JT)
Pearl (PL)
Sand (SS)
Slate (SL)
Taupe (TP)

Color List B

Colors for Lavatory SloanStone series 60000, 70000, 80000

Almond (AL)
Biscuit (BL)
Bone (BO)
Cameo (CO)
Matrix Bone (MBD)
Matrix Brown (MBR)
Matrix Dark Blue (MDB)
Matrix Dark Gray (MDG)
Matrix Dusk (MDU)
Matrix Frost (MFR)
Matrix Green (MGR)
Matrix Jade (MJA)
Matrix Khaki (MKH)
Matrix Light (MLG)
Matrix Pink (MP)
Matrix Sand (MSA)
Matrix Silver (MSI)
Matrix Summit (MSU)
Matrix White (MWH)
Pea (PE)
Peach (PH)
Shell (SH)
Walnut (WNT)
White (WH)

Pick a pairing…

For a consistent on-deck aesthetic, select from one of our seven new sensor-activated faucet and soap dispensers combination or mix and match 
to create your own idea. Designed to pair perfectly with the Sloan faucets.

Combination ESD-501
Includes EFX250-ISM Faucet and ESD-500 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-2001
Includes EAF-275-ISM Faucet and ESD-2000 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-1501
Includes EAF-150-ISM Faucet and ESD-1500 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-801
Includes EBF-85-4 Faucet and ESD-800 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-601
Includes EBF-615-4 Faucet and ESD-600 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-2101
Includes SF-2150-4 Faucet and ESD-2100 Soap Dispenser

Combination ESD-701
Includes EAF-750-ISM Faucet and ESD-700 Soap Dispenser

Pick a finish.

Select combinations are available in Sloan special finishes.

Polished Chrome
Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Brushed Stainless
Matte Black

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