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Notre Dame, IN

University of Notre Dame

One of the most iconic sporting venues in collegiate athletics, Notre Dame Stadium is not only at the center of Notre Dame’s campus, but the center of the college football universe.
The University endeavored in 2014-18 to evolve the 88-year-old athletic complex and its surrounding areas into more than just a sporting venue, but a year-round epicenter for academic and student life.

The result was the Campus Crossroads Project (CCP), the largest building initiative in the school’s illustrious history designed to place Notre Dame Stadium at the intersection of research, student life, event and hospitality space.

Notre Dame and Sloan have a 112-year relationship, which led to Sloan products being designated as the Basis of Design for Notre Dame’s entire expansion and renovation. A total of 2,105 Sloan products were specified as part of the CCP, including: water closets, urinals, Royal® and ECOS® flushometers, BASYS® and Optima® faucets and soap dispensers in both new construction and renovations.




Notre Dame, IN

*Interior photographs by Jon Miller

Products in this case study


Vitreous China Washdown Urinal


Optima® Hardwired-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body


BASYS® Hardwired-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body

ECOS 8111

ECOS® Exposed Sensor Water Closet Flushometer


Vitreous China Wall-Mounted Water Closet


Vitreous China Floor-Mounted ADA Water Closet

The Campus Crossroads Project was a historic endeavor for the University. We’re thankful that Sloan was a part of it and excited about its presence in so many of the exciting new facilities on campus.

Mark Hummel

Assistant Director of Utilities, University of Notre Dame