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Stillwater, Oklahoma

Westwood Elementary School

Westwood Elementary School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for more than 600 students each day, while helping its students reach their full potential through both academic success and social excellence.
The school was built in 1950, and after nearly 70 years of use, it was time for a new building. Westwood knew it needed top-tier restroom fixtures to support the traffic associated with hosting hundreds of kids, faculty, and staff every day. The school had previously partnered with Sloan and was familiar with its products. So when it came time to select restroom products for the new facility, the choice was easy. The new Westwood Elementary School now features Sloan water closets, flushometers, urinals, sinks, and faucets.




Stillwater, Oklahoma

Products in this case study


Optima® Hardwired-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body


SloanStone® Solid Surface 3-Station Wall-Mounted Gradient Sink


Vitreous China Wall-Mounted Water Closet


Regal® Exposed Manual Water Closet Flushometer

“It just makes people feel better about using our facilities when we know they’re nice, clean, and easy to maintain. That’s what Sloan brought to Westwood Elementary School.”

John Anders

Facilities Director, Stillwater Public Schools