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Fairfield, CA

Stanton Correctional Facility

While California’s water shortage crisis imposes strict regulations on water usage, one of its penal facilities is now a model for institutional water conservation thanks to Sloan Programmed Water Technologies (PWT).
The PWT® system at Claybank Adult Detention Center allows the prison to control and monitor water usage and access in every individual cell and shower room from one master control center.

With the cost of water and sewage skyrocketing, water conservation is a huge issue in prisons, where inmates can act out by abusing their toilet and shower privileges (flood their cells, flush large items to clog the system, etc.). Not only does the system create a more controlled environment to curb unwanted behavior; it helps to drastically reduce the prison’s water and sewer bills, as well as its maintenance costs.




Fairfield, CA

*Interior photographs by Hedrich Blessing

The customer service that we’ve received [from Sloan] has been extraordinary. When we need something, they take care of it. The PWT system is really easy to use and trouble shoot. We can monitor water usage in each cell quickly from one central location.

Dennis Fogleman

Building Trades Mechanic