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Chicago, IL

Rush University Medical Center

Sloan Products Help Make Rush University Medical Center Even Cleaner
Hospitals are often among the cleanest places there are, but Rush University Medical Center in Chicago recently found that a few small changes to its plumbing fixtures could make cleaning a little easier.

On its nursing floors, Rush provided its nursing staff with bedpan washers to clean the bedpans after use. Sounds hygienic enough—until the staff found that the washers could splash and soil their scrubs, resulting in displeased staff and concern over the spread of bacteria. Working together, Rush’s plumbing engineer and Sloan’s representative came up with the idea to try using a Sloan UPPERCUT dual-flush Flushometer to not only reduce the splashing by the bedpan washer, but to save water, as well.

The team conducted a test of the dual flush handle on part of the floor and compared it to the other bedpan washers. Feedback from the nursing director was positive—the dual handles reduced the splashing. As a result, Rush has created a program to systematically replace all handles throughout the facility with Sloan UPPERCUT dual-flush Flushometers.

Ever the research institution, Rush University Medical Center conducted some experiments in a pursuit to find the best faucet for their staff and patients. The hospital installed multiple faucet types throughout the building and placed a suggestion/comment box next to each one. After many days and hundreds of comments, Rush selected the Sloan EAF 225 hardwired, deck-mounted infrared faucet with illuminated temperature indicator.

*Interior photographs by Hedrich Blessing

Products Used


Optima® Hardwired-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body

WES 111

UPPERCUT® Exposed Manual Water Closet Flushometer

We have been very pleased with the Sloan products. The UPPERCUT dual-flush Flushometers met all of our needs for eliminating the bedpan splashing issue. And the EAF faucets enable hygienic, touch-free handwashing. The water temperature adjustment, laminar flow and water savings features were additional benefits that really made the Sloan faucets the obvious choice.

Reubin Cantu

Mechanical Systems Manager