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AER-DEC® installed at the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Baltimore, MD

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Gensler and DPR Construction chose AER-DEC® as the centerpiece of a philanthropic foundation bathroom project
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes. Their work focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunity, because children need all three to succeed.

As a private philanthropy based in Baltimore and working across the country, the Annie E. Casey Foundation makes grants that help federal agencies, states, counties, cities and neighborhoods create more innovative, cost-effective responses to the issues that negatively affect children: poverty, unnecessary disconnection from family and communities with limited access to opportunity.

The Challenge
The Annie E. Casey Foundation was remodeling their corporate offices in Baltimore with the assistance of Gensler and DPR Construction and was looking for a centerpiece of their bathroom that was also functional for their facility maintenance staff. The facility engineers wanted a product that would solve their issues of having water all over the washroom floor. They also wanted to use a prefabricated sink basin that fit into their vision of a floating sink system.

The Solution
In their search for a prefabricated sink system Gensler spoke with Sloan® about the yet to be released AER-DEC® Integrated Sink. With a prefabricated AirBasin™ made to fit their design and the presence of the Sloan High-Speed Hand Dryer on the deck to prevent excess water on the floor Gensler agreed to install the AER-DEC.

The Results
Two AER-DEC Integrated Sinks were installed in each of the men’s and women’s washrooms. Since the AirBasin was prefabricated by Stone & Steel, the team was able to get it installed in a day. “To go from soap, to faucet to dryer all within a trough eliminated issues with spilling water on the floor and potential slip hazards” said DPR Project Engineer Chris Hoffman. The AER-DEC was able to solve the major issue for the facility engineers while also being aesthetically pleasing to the architects and the end users. Hoffman said “Everybody was excited over something a little bit different and a little bit newer age than they were used to”.

According to Hoffman, “AER-DEC is a prefabricated product but that shouldn’t mean that you’re limited in your choices, and I think AER-DEC has that thought out pretty clearly from a finishing standpoint”. With its customizability and intuitive layout the AER-DEC Integrated Sink can be the focal point of a washroom while also being one of the most functional units on the market.

To go from soap, to faucet to dryer all within a trough eliminated issues with spilling water on the floor and potential slip hazards.

Christopher Hoffman

DPR Project Engineer