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Mountain View, CA

AP+I Design

When AP+I Design wanted to reimagine their office space in Mountain View, CA, it called for sustainable style with a sleek and modern flow. The new space needed to showcase their design capabilities to many high-tech clients, be a functional space for their collaborative design teams and conserve resources as a part of their culture of sustainability.
Before opening their doors to showcase their new facility, Carol Sandman, LEED AP, founder and principal, knew she wanted products that would allow AP+I Design to meet its zero-energy commitment. Then she spotted exactly what she’d been looking for. It was a contemporary hand washer and dryer installed on a trough sink. The only problem was that there was no matching soap dispenser. Finally, while looking through a design magazine, Carol discovered the perfect solution: Sloan’s AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System.




Mountain View, CA

*Interior photographs by Hedrich Blessing

I had a specific look in mind. After seeing a print ad for AER-DEC, I immediately went online. It was everything I’d wanted. Once I saw it, I had to have it.

Carol Sandman

LEED AP, AP+I Design