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Two Chicago Icons. One Legacy Partnership.

Over 100 years ago, two family-owned Chicago-based institutions came together to form a partnership that would provide Chicago Cubs coaches, players, and fans with sustainable commercial restroom solutions at Wrigley Field. Today, the century-long partnership, which predates the iconic ivy of Wrigley Field, continues to evolve to meet the needs of the Cubs organization and deliver consistent performance, durability, and savings.

Sloan is honored to serve as the Official Water Efficiency Partner of the Chicago Cubs—helping to ensure water conservation efforts across Cubs facilities and the surrounding ​Wrigleyville community, as well as Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona.

Wrigley Field from behind home plate
Wrigley Field from the first baseline

Wrigley Field

Outfitting a legendary ballpark

Sloan products have provided reliable performance and efficiency at Wrigley Field since its inaugural season in 1914. ​Throughout the last century of innovation, we've seen the dawn of water-saving and touch-free products that are a hallmark across all Sloan product lines.

At Wrigley Field, Cubs coaches, players, and fans can rely on Sloan's sensor faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flushometers as well as sinks, water closets, and urinals. Each fixture with touch-free, hygienic operation was installed as part of the ​Cubs' multi-year restoration and expansion of Wrigley Field, known as the 1060 Project​.

Special engraving

Sloan’s BASYS® Faucets in our standard polished chrome finish were customized with laser-etched engravings of the Cubs logo to add a unique branding element to the restrooms around The Friendly Confines.

Sloan BASYS® Faucet with laser-etched Cubs logo
SU-1010 Urinals in a Wrigley Field restroom
Sinks in a Wrigley Field restroom
ST-2069A Water Closet in a restroom stall
Inside view of the Cubs Clubhouse
EAF-200 Faucet

Cubs Clubhouse

Bringing performance into the clubhouse

Phase Two of the 1060 Project featured the improvement and expansion of the home clubhouse, located underneath the new plaza and spanning a whopping 30,000 square feet space. Sloan outfitted the clubhouse restroom with all electronic, sensor-activated products. These products work with touch-free operation, offering hygienic solutions and water savings with every use by the players. It’s a winning partnership for sustainability for many innings to come.

The sinks and showers in the Cubs Clubhouse restroom
ST-2459 Water Closet with ECOS 111 Flushometer
SU-1009 Urinal with ECOS 186 HW Flushometer
SU-7009 Urinal and SOLIS 8186 Flushometer

American Airlines 1914 Club

Premier products for a premier experience

A new wave of Sloan products also outfit the recently added American Airlines 1914 Club, a premier section located beneath the stands behind home plate. The space showcases luxurious materials and modern amenities featuring battery-powered, sensor-activated flushometers paired with Sloan urinals and water closets, all finished in custom rubbed bronze finish to heighten the customer experience.

EHD-501 Sloan® XLERATOR® Hand Dryer
SU-7009 Urinal and SOLIS 8186 Flushometer
Tom Ricketts
Teaming up with Sloan is an important move for the Chicago Cubs. Sloan brings more than a century of experience and success in creating cutting edge water solutions for a wide variety of venues all around the world.
Tom Ricketts, Chairman, Chicago Cubs
Outdoor picture of Wrigleyville showing Wrigley Field and Hotel Zachary
Exterior of Hotel Zachary
Royal® 111 ESS Flushometers in Hotel Zachary restroom


Supporting the Community

Sloan is committed to water sustainability throughout the Chicago Cubs organization and in the surrounding community. The partnership between Sloan and the Chicago Cubs has expanded beyond Wrigley Field to outfit nearby businesses with touch-free and hygienic operations that look great, save water, and perform at maximum capacity in high-traffic environments.

From the boutique Hotel Zachary, American Airlines Conference Center, and popular Smoke Daddy barbeque restaurant across from the field, to the new American Airlines 1914 Club inside the iconic venue, Cubs fans are able to enjoy Sloan products during the entire game day experience — before, during, and after the game.

Featured Case Study

Hotel Zachary

The new hub of Chicago’s North Side, Hotel Zachary’s modern style and residential feel extends to the restroom with Sloan’s sensor-activated technology. The flushometer’s hygienic properties are matched only by its water-efficiency that utilizes a three-second flush delay to eliminate false flushes.

Sinks at Hotel Zachary featuring EAF-700 Faucets
ST-2459 Wall-mounted Water Closet and SU-1009 Urinal
First baseline view of Sloan Park
Baseball with Sloan Park logo

Sloan Park

Welcome to Sloan Park

In addition to a variety of product offerings at Wrigley field and the surrounding Wrigleyville community, Sloan also hosts fans at the Cubs' Spring Training facility, Sloan Park, in Mesa, Arizona. Sloan Park is a virtual Sloan showroom, featuring Sloan integrated products that work together to provide a beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, and highly-efficient system.

Throughout the facility, Sloan products are helping the Cubs reduce their overall environmental impact with state-of-the-art water saving technology.

Sign which reads 'Spring Training: Home of Chicago Cubs. Welcome to Sloan Park'
AER-DEC® Integrated Sink
ST-1009A Urinals with Sloan 186 Flushometer
EFX-350 BASYS® Faucet with SS-3002 Sink
Graham Allen
Our partnership with the Chicago Cubs organization gives us the opportunity to help build winning teams through sustainable solutions.
Graham Allen, President & CEO, Sloan