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Sloan Valve Limited Warranty

Unless otherwise noted, Sloan Valve Company warrants its products, manufactured and sold for commercial or industrial uses, to be free from defects of material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years (one year for SF faucets, special finish and PWT electronics and 30 days on PWT software) from the date of first purchase. During this period, Sloan Valve Company will, at its option, repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of any product which fails to conform with this warranty under normal use and service. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty. Products must be returned to Sloan Valve Company, at customer’s cost. No claims will be allowed for labor, transportation or other costs. This warranty extends only to persons or organizations that purchase Sloan Valve Company’s products directly from Sloan Valve Company for purpose of resale. This warranty does not cover the life of batteries.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. In no event is Sloan Valve Company responsible for any consequential damages of any measure whatsoever.

Sloan Valve Return Policy

At Sloan, our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase.  Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and are all backed by a limited warranty.

If a product is found defective prior to or during installation, Sloan may issue a return material authorization (RMA) number and credit in exchange for the defective product. 

Should the customer require a part to repair a product, the part should not be taken from another finished good unit.  Refer the customer to Sloan Technical Support at 1-888-SLOAN14 (1-888-756-2614) or via email at techsupport@sloan.com.  Parts in stock are usually sent out within 24 hours and customers will receive parts within 3 to 7 business days.  For non-inventoried items lead times may vary.  Parts that are needed sooner will be handled on a per case basis.  Credits may be denied for units returned incomplete or for cannibalized units.

If the product cannot be serviced, a credit may be requested and the factory may issue a RMA number.

Upon receipt of the returned product, Sloan will inspect and test the product prior to issuing credit.  Credit may be denied under the following conditions:

  1. The product returned does not match the RMA
  2. The returned unit is missing components
  3. The returned unit has been cannibalized
  4. The returned unit is out of the warranty period
  5. The product has been damaged via field service ex-factory
  6. The returned unit is not manufactured by Sloan
  7. The product is not defective

If no apparent defect is found the customer may be contacted to clarify the reason for the return.

Do not initiate a debit memo or make any deductions.  Wait for a credit memo to be issued.  As described above, full credit may be denied in some circumstances.

If the product is not received by Sloan within 90 days of creating the RMA, the RMA will expire.

Credit is usually processed within 20 business days of product receipt.

Products which are determined to be defective or shipped incorrectly by Sloan will be credited at invoice price.  Products returned for reasons other than defects or Sloan errors are subject to a 25% handling charge, return freight is at customer’s expense.  If the invoice is not available, then credit will be issued based on the previous price sheet if the price sheet is less than one year old.  All returns must be authorized by the factory prior to returning.  The factory will issue a RMA number.  The RMA number must be visible on the outside of each carton being returned.

All returns of special finish, special order and sink systems product are subject to a minimum 50% handling charge and must be returned within one year, original invoice required.  Custom sink orders are not returnable.

All returned material should be returned in the original, unopened shipping cartons or suitably packed.  The material is to be packaged such that it will not be damaged during the return.

Material over 2 years old is subject to a 50% handling charge.  Any product over 3 years old will not be accepted.

Deductions will be made for any material returned that is not in saleable condition.  Material not in saleable condition will be returned to customer or scrapped at customer request.

When material is to be returned, call your representative, who will contact the factory for an RMA number.  The following information is necessary when requesting an RMA:

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Product Code Number
  3. Product Part Number
  4. Product Date Code
  5. Quantity
  6. Reason for return request (be specific, ‘defective’ is not a reason).  If defective, text must be included to describe the symptom of the problem.  For example. ‘Doesn’t work’ is not the symptom.  ‘Faucet not activating’ would be more appropriate.  Material returned as defective but, on inspection, is found serviceable will be returned to the customer at their expense or scrapped with no credit issued.  A test report will be available upon request. 
  7. All returns are to be freight prepaid

The RMA number must be on each load and each container.